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Winding up!

This week we have been mostly………….

Well it’s been a bit yucky this week, started with the pair of us being poorly and ended with us undertaking domestic chores, vanlife is always glamorous.

Somehow we managed to eat a dodgy leek, made us both rather poorly. I know onions past their best are not recommended but the leeks! They had only been purchased a few days earlier and kept in the fridge before slicing and steaming as usual. Yes we wash and peal them before cooking so goodness knows what it was. The leeks were steamed over ravioli again hardly a known source of dodgyness. Ah well, just a 24 hour bug nothing to worry about.

The weather this week has been interesting as well.

The week started with the usual 21°c but after a couple of quick overnight showers we were back to a much more comfortable 18° which has given us the arduous task of testing variations of sangria!

Testing sangria

The basic recipe is still the same it’s only the fruit option that has been the variable. We have tried the standard Apple and Orange along with strawberries, girona plumbs and limes, all of which we can report are perfectly acceptable.

Something else we have discovered, thanks Mr P, are toasted scones!!!!. Trust me they are delicious.

Friday night into Saturday the wind (gusts of 80kph) and rain returned so we battened down the hatches and sat inside waiting for the puddles form on site. It’s not all fun and games down here in Spain.

This will be our last weekend in Spain this year, we have definitely decided to start the journey north and will be heading back into France on Monday.

The three months we have been here, in Spain, have been a blast. We have met loads of new friends, started to learn Spanish and Catalan; always helpful we find, and engaged in the local culture. It has always been our intention to over winter in Spain but this is the first year we have stayed in the same place for such an extended period.

Gracias Palamós y EmpordArea ha sido increíble.

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