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To the Frontier!!

We left EmpordArea Palamós on 26th December and started the slow plod down to La Línea de la Concepción at Puerto Marina for New Year stopping at Casa de Fusta, Murcia, Carboneras and Torrox Costa where we called into Russell’s British Store and stocked up on much needed essentials. It’s amazing the little things you miss and get excited over.

Christmas Day on the beach Palamós

Our journey down from Palamós to Casa de Fusta was shall we say interesting. It’s a journey we have undertaken before and every time manage to take a different route. This time was no different and we decided to take the toll roads around Barcelona and exited at Vilafranca Sud to take the N340. Somehow heading around Tarragon we managed to get lost trying to find an entrance to a supermarket and ended up in the industrial area or Reus. Not the most pleasant of spots to find a Trundlebus but we needed diesel and lunch so made the best of it and parked up round the back of a fuel station.

Casa de Fusta

We had intended to stay at Casa de Fusta for a couple of days but after checking our onward destination for Saturday we decided that as nice as Chinchilla is -2° over night wasn’t very appealing. So after a quick search we decided to cut our stay short and head for Murcia Thader (38.0290920, -1.1471980) on Friday, stopping for lunch in Vila Real (39.9292620, -0.0978080). Yes it was a long day in the saddle (5 hours of driving) and the drive down was long and tedious but it was worth it, even the unexpected diversion around Yecla. We arrived and managed to bag ourselves the last spot and after a quick cuppa we headed for the supermarket for a few essentials. Even at 18hrs it was still 16°, much better than the minus temperatures we should have had at Chinchilla.

Murcia Thader

Saturday morning we headed to Carboneras (37.0036170, -1.9114580) stoping to refuel in Totana (37.7440670, -1.5230471), diesel was (with the exchange rate) £1.03 a litre. Lunch was courtesy of another off motorway services come truck stop near Huércal-Overa (37.4819949, -1.8703298) as we crossed the regional border into Andalusia. We arrived at El Rancho early afternoon and were greeted by the owner and temporary warden both recognised us from previous visits, yes we have been here before. It’s still 11€ a day including hook up and service oh and free WiFi.

Monday we left and headed towards Torrox Costa to park up near the Faro for the night via El Ejido and Almerimar. For old times sake we called into see Pedros Parking Area, as you can see from the photographs it is well and truly closed and the building works that were the cause of the closure are well underway. Such a shame as we enjoyed staying there. After lunch we headed towards our overnight halt at Torrox Costa. Only problem is the local council have decided to post “No Motorhome Parking” signs all over the area. At least we managed to pop into Russell’s and stock up on many essential goodies.

Unfortunately the next option for a stop was over crowded and had no room at the inn. The next suitable area at Mijas was even busier. Looks like they are clamping down on wild spots down on the south coast, such a shame. 

So we took the decision and headed for La Linea a day early, we arrived and once again it was packed. Never seen the marina so busy. Ah well at least we are parked up for the rest of the year.

Happy New Year to everybody who reads this, thank you for taking the time to follow our adventures and hopefully 2020 will be just as exciting.

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