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The long and winding road!

We left EmpordArea Monday morning after saying good bye to our friends and headed round to Decathlon at Platja d’Ora to buy a new addition to the Trundlebus stable. From there we headed west towards Cervera (41.6778650, 1.2837525) and our sleepy spot for the night.

Tuesday arrived and so did France! Yes we crossed the border through the Somport and landed in Tarbes. We did stop in Jaca for a brief pit stop and a final shop in Spain at Carrefour before taking the decision to continue north and see how far we could get.

Why did we decide to head over the border? because we can, because we had spent enough time in Spain and wanted to enjoy the delights of French bread, cheese and pastries.

Wednesday we continued north via Bordeaux, or as near as the N10 allowed us and returned to Saint-Romain-la-Virvée, (44.9640000, -0.4016840) a site we used back in 2017. It’s still free and the services are still available, even the dodgy exit is still there. The Aire is on a 1 way system around a sports complex with the exit being a tad tricky for Trundlebus. The obvious exit is to the left but with the steep rake we discovered that our underside ground out. So we ended up turning right down hill and finding a safe spot to turn and take a run at the hill.

Thursday we headed up to Chateau-Larcher (46.4145000, 0.3156590) for a long weekend, only to find the site waterlogged and unusable. Even extracting ourselves was an interesting task. Thank goodness for sand pads. Leaving Chateau-Larcher behind we headed a couple of kilometres up the road to the relative safety of Super U in Vivonne to find a safe dry alternative.

We selected somewhere a little further north, Richelieu (47.0109613, 0.3223073) to be precise. Once again the Cardinal was nowhere to be seen but at least the boondocking spot was dry and firm under foot. Even being serenaded by the crows didn’t disturb us. Looks like it’s going to be a nice summer as well.

The drive up through Poitiers was shall we say interesting, they must have had a job lot of roundabouts and traffic lights. The fields before and after we’re well and truly waterlogged. They obviously have had some rain up here.

Friday arrived and our journey continued towards Paimpont (48.0228100, -2.1707940) all be it a week earlier than we had anticipated. Again we knew this spot would be dry and secure.

We arrived only to discover the barrier in the open position, all became clear as we entered the Aire. They are renovating the services, so sadly everything has been turned off and the recycling shed has been locked. Unfortunately we needed water so took the decision to move on yet again.

Our plans travelling up through France have been thrown into disarray, so why should Friday 13th be any different.

We eventually landed back in Guilberville (48.987715, -0.949634) to find the services were still free, thank you to the commune and the Marie.

After a peaceful and relaxing night we have decided to head back to the UK earlier than we had anticipated. The situation in Europe isn’t getting any better and as much as it pains me I honestly think we will both be safer over the other side of the channel. This coronavirus is very concerning and the number of cases of infection are climbing at a dramatic rate. Let’s hope it starts to tail off soon. Stay safe everybody.

So we will be catching the Train Monday afternoon and heading for somewhere to sit this one out. Stage IX is coming to a close. Let’s hope stage X will be starting soon.

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