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The journey north!

We left El Rancho Friday morning, saying good bye to old friends and new, and headed up the road towards Murcia.

We have decided that it’s about time we had a proper hobby, something we can both undertake and enjoy. So after some careful consideration and lots of discussion we decided that we both would like to build a model kit. As luck would have it our intended overnight stop, more of that later, just happened to have a model shop in the area. Browsing the online catalogue we selected a couple of candidates and a list was drawn up of models and associated tools and such like we would need.

Sadly although we managed to buy our model there was no room at the inn in Murcia Thader, so after lunch we headed up towards Chinchilla de Montearagon.(38.9207483, -1.7222347). The weather forecast didn’t look promising and predicted -4°c overnight, they weren’t kidding. We woke on Saturday morning to a frost covered carpark, it was very pretty.

Chinchilla de Monte-Aragón

Saturday we decided to head up to Teruel Dinopolis (40.3327780, -1.0847200) for the night as we needed to stock the fridge and refill the GPL tank, there is an Alcampo supermarket and Repsol fuel station next to the parking spot. Again it dropped to a sultry -6°c overnight, happens when you are up in the mountains so they tell me.

Sunday arrived and so had the frost, even thicker than before. A summers day in Auchnagatt!!
We had intended to head for Tortosa to empty and refill via Morella but after a quick check it turns out it was quicker and easier to head south towards Valencia and the along the coast towards Delta Ebre.

After a brief stop and service in Sant Carles de la Ràpita (40.6254317, 0.5903606) we headed out to Casa Fusta again for a couple of days, we needed to warm our aged bones after two subzero nights.

The Aire in La Ràpita hasn’t been there long but should prove to be very popular as it’s a brief 10 minute walk into town and the marina.  The Borne itself is a little strange but it’s free and according to the notice posted a maximum of 72 hours stay is possible.

Leaving The Delta we headed up towards Barcelona and landed in Vilafranca del Penedès (41.3396030, 1.6905080) for a couple of days stop over.

We arrived at Vilafranca only to find everything has changed. Aire has been enlarged  and separated from the main carpark. Services have been changed as well. The fresh water tap is now 20mm screw connection. New entrance is 41.3395428, 1.6901286. Come off the Fiat/Kia Dealer roundabout.

Warning!!!!  The exit is through the carpark!!

Do not enter Aire through the carpark, typical Spanish parking makes it very difficult.  You are supposed to exit via carpark but again parked cars make this almost impossible for larger units. It’s still free though so mustn’t grumble.

We headed into town for a mooch around and picked up a few more bits and pieces before continuing our journey north. The Simply supermarket nearby has now closed so the nearest is now a Mercadona up the road towards town past the school.

Wednesday we continued north and took refuge at EmpordArea Palamós again. We have decided to stay here for a month and will be leaving on 24th February to cross the border back into France so the blog might take a back seat for a while. Don’t worry though we will be posting updates and photographs via our social media accounts during our prolonged stay.

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