Rain and Leaks!!

Still heading south!

After a weekend of rain at Paimpont we decided to start the southward leg of the journey proper, well for us it’s never straight forward.

We headed back into Super U at Prélan to fill up with GPL, well that was the plan. We hadn’t realised that Monday was a public holiday and found everywhere closed. We wondered why the Aire at Paimpont was chock a block over the weekend. Ah well.

Sitting in the supermarket carpark we scanned the maps and chose Saint Nazaire for an overnight stopover. So off we set heading for the coast and the more scenic route rather than trundling down the motorway.

Saint Nazaire

We arrived in Saint Nazaire (47.2707920, -2.1990850) and pulled into the carpark opposite the submarine pens and went for a bit of a wander seeing as it was a nice day, it wasn’t raining. Returning we noticed a large puddle of water under the van. A quick inspection resulted in us discovering we had a leaking fresh water tank. The inspection cover was remover and thankfully it was a split feeder pipe for the water pump and should be an easy fix. The tank needed draining and the van jacking high enough to provide access. Only problem was it had now started raining, again, so no repairs were possible.

The following morning over breakfast we selected Benet (46.3690180, -0.5948850) for our overnight stopover. We had been previously and knew that the parking in the Intermarche carpark was safe and services were available as were washing machines. Unfortunately we discovered that the majority of the carpark had been taken over by a fun fair and there was no chance of a peaceful night. At least we managed to get the laundry done.

We checked the guides and found several suitable alternatives in the area so off we set. Unfortunately they were either closed full or completely unsuitable for a Trundlebus. It was getting late and our next choice, Cellefrouin (45.8938460, 0.3867120), was about an other hour away so off we poddled.

We arrived just as it was getting dark and settled in for the night. Our intention was to stay the following night and fix the water problem. But yet again the weather decided to put paid to that idea, rain overnight and thick fog in the morning.

Over breakfast we selected the Aire at Montignac in the Dordogne (45.8938460, 0.3867120). We have used it previously and knew if we could get in it would be an a ideal location to effect repairs. It’s changed a little since our last visit, there is now a barrier stopping free access. It’s also cheaper, 6€ per day, but the services and hookup are still included. Payment is now taken before entry via a pay post and a bank card is required.

Montignac Aire

Numerous repairs were undertaken, including a secondary split charging system which curiously resolved the warning light issue on the dashboard. No I have no idea either.

The leaking water tank problem proved to be problematic. Thankfully it turned out to be the water pump feed pipe and should have been an easy job to replace. Yeah right. Turns out I needed to be double jointed and half my size. Without taking the tank out completely the access to remove and refit the pipe was shall we say small. Although the pipe was only 15cms long the two jubilee clips were probably installed by a one armed, blind contortionist, no disrespect to them.

Thankfully there was a local hardware store that had just what we needed and the repair was completed and we now have a full water tank and a no leaks.. You have no idea how much of a relief it is to have water surging through our pipes again. The simple things in life always bring the most joy.

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