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Links and Apps

Links and Apps

Here you will find links to Blogs that we have found informative and inspirational as well as links to Applications and Navigation aids we use along with some other useful information.
We hope these help you find those perfect parking spots

A truly inspirational travel Blog from Jason and Julie. We found this blog before we started our own adventure and they have been a constant source of information. In fact it is because if this blog that we are doing what we are doing today.
Another remarkable blog that is well worth the read. Joanne and Craig along with their two dogs have travelled far and wide and show just how easy it is to explore far of lands.

Apps and Navigation Tools
Park4night is an application on your smartphone that helps you search for a parking or camping where you can stay overnight when it is too late to continue traveling. There is always a word explanation or review at about these places. The texts in this application are usually in French, but a translate service is available, you need to be connected.
How does it work?
Park4night you can easily download in the appstore from both Apple and Android. When you have the app on your smartphone, you can use it immediately, assuming you have a connection. The use is also self-evident. You just have to press the ‘map’ button and all the work is already done for you.
The easy way to find Motorhome stopovers or Touring campsite in Europe
Over 31,000 sites listed categorised into over 20 different types including:
• Overnight parking – with or without services
• Off-site parking (wild camping)
• Touring campsites
• Independent and Club campsites
• Small and friendly campsites

All this is available offline with NO internet connection required so there are no worries about chasing Wi-Fi hot spots or using up your mobile data allowance
Innovative features including custom user lists, quick filter searches and an extensive offline place name database makes searchforsites is a mobile app for Android, iOS and BlackBerry that provides offline maps using OpenStreetMap data. In September 2015, the app was open sourced.
If like us you have a refillable LPG system on your motorhome then this app is invaluable.
What is is one of the largest portals about autogas in Europe.
Want to know where to tank when travelling! is probably one of the easiest and reliable apps going. Available for Apple and Android as well as a POI download for you satnav from the website.

Other essentials

Caxton FX. 
With great rates and no hidden fees, the free Caxton Currency Card is an easier, cheaper and safer way to spend abroad. At Caxton we make it easier, cheaper and safer to spend your money abroad while saving you money in the process. The MasterCard is accepted all over Europe and as long as you have the funds available payments and ATM withdrawals are free.

Motorhome guide Camperstop Europe

More than 10 750 European motorhome stopovers in one guide.These motorhome stopovers, spread across 27 European countries, are presented in a concise, compact style. 8,311 with impression picture, Navteq cartography, legal provisions and touristic information per country. Description of the motor home stopover: – Number of pitches – GPS coordinates – prices – surface – distance to village or town / beaches / supermarket / restaurants / motorway / public transport etc.

Crit Air  (Official French Site)

France has introduced ‘clean air’ windscreen stickers as a legal requirement in some of its cities, to identify a vehicle’s emissions levels and to, in some cases, restrict access in order to improve air quality.
British drivers heading to France  are advised that driving without a French ‘clean air’ sticker, called a Crit’Air vignette – which costs just over 3 Euros – makes them culpable for an on-the-spot fine of up to £117. Make sure you get yours before your trip to France – here’s everything you need to know

What is the certificate?
The certificate is a round sticker which corresponds to a vehicle class defined according to air pollutant emissions.
Is it mandatory?
The certificate is only mandatory in certain areas. It can also provides you with certain benefits set up by local authorities.

The Air Quality Certificate is a secure document issued on the basis of information which appears on the vehicle registration certificate . It certifies the vehicle’s environmental class based on pollutant emissions.
The Air Quality Certificate will be sent to the delivery address you indicate.


All vehicles travelling in Germany require an environmental sticker, no excuses not to have one and the fines for non compliance are heavy.

The stickers can be ordered online before you travel. You need to present the vehicle’s registration while ordering, and have these documents with you for inspection by local police in case you encounter a traffic stop.
We purchased ours from a DEKRA station in Germany. Just turned up and presented out vehicle documents paid our fee and that was it.

A free language learning app. Extremely useful.
Learning a foreign language not only keeps you mentally active but it shows that you are trying to speak in the native tongue of the country you are travelling in. Even if you just learn the basics it helps, believe me.
Being a visitor in a foreign land and attempting to speak in their language is appreciated by the recipient, even if you get it wrong.


BriBizz is a Danish system for electronic toll collection. It was established in 2008 and BroBizz A/S develops and manages the concept. BroBizz A/S is 100% owned by Sund & Bælt Holding A/S. A BroBizz is a wireless transmitter, which ensures the possibility of driving quickly through automatic tollbooths. We used it without any problems all over Scandinavia. Comes with a very handy app and it’s all in English

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