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Into France!

One more time round Piccadilly Circus.

Burt has become a regular visitor

Firstly let me apologies for the lack of blogging over the past month or so. We have been having far too much fun in Palamós, enjoying the winter sunshine and exploring the local area.

We even managed to meet one of our followers. A pleasure to make your acquaintance Rob and thank you for the mince pies, they weren’t down rather nicely with some custard,  and model. Dad will enjoy making that.

So for the past 40 days we have been laid up at EmpordArea in Palamós 41.8573971, 3.1146562 enjoying the peace, rest, tranquility and undertaking a few essential jobs on Trundlebus. The nights have been slowly drawing out and the temperatures climbing. Just what we wanted and needed, especially after Gloria.

We survived storm Gloria, it rained a bit where we were, oh and was a tad windy.
Further down the coast towards Alicante they were battered. It snowed, rained, howled a hoolie and the tides did their best to wash away great chunks of sea walls. All we had was a couple of deep puddles, well I say deep they came up to the bottom on my crocs and at one point we had to lower the satellite dish because of the wind. It’s tough out here folks.

Palamós Carnaval

The weekend before we left Palamós we attended the Carnaval. An amazing experience and one we will hopefully return for next year, remembering to take a jacket and some money for a halftime drink in a cafe.

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We have crossed the border into France after lunching in JonQ and will spend a few days sorting a route back to the UK for Easter as we take refuge at Peyriac-de-Mer. 43.0924174, 2.9627077

The train has been booked for 8th April and we have a booking at Jeugdstadion in Ieper for the beginning of April for a few days so we can stock up with the essential Belgian delights.

So all being well we will have 6 weeks to wind our way north through France and into Belgium, it’s a tall order but we are seasoned Coddiwomplers and am sure we will find a way of stretching the journey to fit the time limit involved.

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