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Hello 2020!

New Year, new adventures! probably not as it’s much of the same just in a more northerly direction for a while as we start the long trek to catch the train back to the UK in time for Easter.

Started the year on a bit of a downer, discovered the water filler pipe has split and needed replacing. Sounds easy but trust me it’s not. Tried ‘welding’ it but the pipe was so brittle it just fell apart rather than join together, ah well it didn’t make it worse. Thankfully we found a Leroy Merlin nearby and managed to source everything to effect a repair.

We headed north ish to Sancti Petri (36.3889040, -6.2070000) for a couple of days to get things sorted, we have stayed here a few times and knew it was safe with some cracking views of the beach and Atlantic Ocean. The repairs were a great deal easier than we thought, although I now have a 40mm tube 90cms long sitting in the cellar looking for a suitable project, am sure we will find something to do with it but at the moment nothing springs to mind. Suggestions on a used £10 note to Team Trundlebus.

Friday morning and we decided to head back to La Linea (36.1569351, -5.3591217, location shows the service area) for the weekend. Turns out the 5th January is Three Kings Festival over in Spain and as nice as a beach front location is it’s out in the middle of nowhere and with shops and the likes closed Sunday and Monday, Public Holiday, it just made more sense being somewhere with access to facilities. At least being back at the Marina means we can cross the runway and have a wander around Gibraltar.

Sunday we moved again heading east across the coast and ended up at a peaceful little spot, Embalse de Béznar; it’s about 30kms south of Granada, with some stunning views (36.9156025, -3.5376047). It’s a parking area without facilities so if you do plan on visiting make sure you have plenty of everything. I know we were there in the winter, overnight 5th January, but during the day we had 15° and at night 3°. Once the sun dropped behind the hills the temperature plummeted, nearly had to put the fire on.

Monday came and we continued our journey across the Andalusian coast towards Carboneras. Only problem was with it being another holiday down here in Spain everything was still shut, good job we stocked up with supplies.

After a brief detour into Almerimar to find an ATM that was actually working we headed back to El Rancho, Carboneras (37.0036170, -1.9114580) for a few days to catch our breath, sort laundry and undertake a number of domestic duties before deciding on a route north.

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