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We have decided we like EmpordArea (41.8574250, 3.1146320) at Palamós so much that we will be stopping here over Christmas. It’s safe secure and everything we need is less than a kilometre away, a supermarket 500m away and a Lidl another 5 minute walk, so what’s the point of moving.

EmpordArea Palamós

We had intended to head down to The Delta Ebro and Area Camper Amposta  (40.6590045, 0.6753078) for Christmas but to be honest couldn’t be bothered. As nice as the site is, there is nothing other than big skies views over the rice fields and the occasional flamingo wandering around in the salt flats (though we later discovered that they are not there yet), there is nothing there.

The sun is warming our aged bones and the occasional stroll down into town and the beach is just what we needed to round the year off. The steady 16° to 18° makes it very pleasant indeed and the idea of Christmas on the Costa Brava and a stroll down to the beach before lunch is just way too tempting. 

So this weeks blog is going to be short and sweet. I’ll continue posting pictures on our social media accounts but there isn’t going to be a great deal to report for a while as our next move will be December 26th. At least the extended period of immobility has given us the opportunity to catch up on domestic duties like laundry and servicing our heating system.

Monday night we experienced one of the windiest nights we have had for ages, even though we have our stabilisers down the van was rocking something terrible. The following morning the majority of us were wandering around the site collecting debris and making sure our fellow campers were okay. 

Wednesday we were treated to a downpour, proper rain, it was wet and cold, almost like being back in the UK even had to put the heating on to take the chill off it was terrible. Normal service was resumed on Thursday and we were back to a mild 14°.

The weather this year down in Spain is interesting to say the least,  floods down south and early snow in the north west. Last time we had weather like this there was snow on Fuengirola beach over new year. Global warming and climate change eh!

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