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February round up!

It’s been a strange month, most if not all of it has been spent at EmpordArea, we survived the onslaught of Gloria!, celebrated Carnaval, started a new hobby, met a follower, rotated our tyres and generally spent the time relaxing and enjoying the winter sunshine. It’s a hard life if you don’t weaken.

We did venture north into France and stayed one night at Peyriac-de-Mer before checking the weather forecast and routes towards Belgium, deciding we didn’t want to travel in the rain and what ever else was going to be thrown at us if we didn’t have to and returned via some weird route through Girona that took in a section of the AP7 (we don’t do toll roads) to Palamós.

Part of the joy of travelling and wandering around the way we do is that we can go where we like and when we like. Yes even we plan, but our plans take into account the ancient art of Coddiwomple and are constantly being adjusted to suit our mood and daily objectives.

The community here at EmpordArea is just superb, everybody is friendly and even though it is a wonderful mixture of languages we all muddle by, there is always a friendly hello and a chat with our new friends.

This is the longest we have stayed anywhere and I have to admit it’s starting to feel like home. Apart from a a couple of weeks trundling down to La Linea for New Year, we have been here since 5th of December and won’t be leaving until 9th March. That’s 12 weeks in the same place, no wonder it feels like home.

Yes it’s 13€ a day here, there is a long stay discount, which includes services, hookup and WiFi but when you consider how much diesel we would have used in 12 weeks the cost of staying in the same place for such an extended period suddenly looks a lot more attractive.

Our only large expenditure is groceries, but as we are in Spain and are able to shop in discount supermarkets, there is an Esclat 300m away and a Lidl 10 minutes walk away, our weekly shopping bill is usually between 70€ and 80€. Another saving. General groceries from Esclat, fresh bread or Barra from there as well and pan con chocolate from Lidl. We have even found a wonderful recipe for Sangria, along with Patatas Bravas. It’s tough down here folks.

So February has been a great month. Roll on March and the slow wander up through France to Belgium, let’s hope the weather improves.

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