Down to the Med!

For whom the Toll calls.

After a very long weekend at Montignac, we eventually left on Tuesday, repairing Trundlebus and sitting out the rain we decided to continue our journey south and headed for Albi.

Off we poddled and took our time wandering down to Albi (43.9311110, 2.1362220) only to discover that although the Aire is perfectly fine and accessible once, we manoeuvred through the groundwork’s only to discover it was a little tight for a Trundlebus to navigate around. The aforementioned groundwork’s have temporarily barred access to the borne (43.9328521, 2.1354850) and from what I could gather from the workmen that area is to become the Aire with space for approximately 20 units and hopefully open early next year.

Despite its proximity to the cemetery it looked like it was going to be very nice. So we well be back.

We had intended to stop a couple of days and take a wander around Albi but with the reconstruction underway we decided to head up the road to Rodez (44.3573060, 2.5938060). A free aire with services and space for 6 vans. I would imagine that during the summer it will be very busy.

It was rather cold overnight at Rodez, -3°C, and there was a heavy frost covering the grass when we woke unsurprisingly. Ah well at least it wasn’t raining or snowing.

Over breakfast we decided to take the short hop down to junction 54 on the A75 and a much used rest area near Le Bosc, kindly provided by Leclerc (43.6883810, 3.3546000). We have made use of this stopover numerous times and knew that alongside the supermarket there were washing machines and somewhere to give Trundlebus a much needed bath.

After a quick route check we headed for the A75 and the Millau Viaduct crossing. I have added a video of the crossing to our YouTube channel. Link here. The toll for the crossing was 12.90€, despite our size we got away with being a class 2 vehicle. Payment is taken via bank card, just follow the signs on the overhead gantry showing your preferred method of payment (tag, card or cash, the card payment is usually the gate furthest to the right) and follow the instructions at the point of payment. The crossing is well worth it if only for the experience, though I must admit the trip across was far less impressive than driving underneath.

Le Caylar

After a brief stop for lunch at Le Caylar services we continued down the road to Le Bosc. Laundry duties and van washed we settled in for the night. Next morning we popped into the supermarket for bread etc before deciding on a weekend down at Peyriac-sur-Mer.

Le Bosc

The journey down to Peyriac was uneventful and we even managed to take the Peage between Béziers and Narbonne for the princely sum of 3.60€. Saved us wandering through both locations.

We arrived at Peyriac-sur-Mer and were heartened to discover that the new bypass road through the village had been opened. It makes life so much easier, especially for a 9m Trundlebus.

The Aire (43.0925050, 2.9625630) was empty so we had the choice of spots for another lengthy stopover. Payment is taken from your bank card using the usual payment post and the onscreen information offers between 24 and 72 hour stay. Services are included all for the princely sum of 5€ per 24 hour period.

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