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Diolch i Gymru

It’s been a frustrating week and an interesting one as well.

The tyres we ordered last week were eventually fitted on Tuesday after the fitters misplaced the order, apparently!!. We had to reorder the order and have them fitted the following day. Jolly nice they look too. They are round and black and stop the rims scraping on the tarmac what more could we want. Well actually quite a lot but I digress.

Tyres on Trundlebus last 6 months, yes we do a lot of kilometres on them. It also doesn’t help that we are front wheel drive with an axel weight of 2500kgs. Steering and driving on the same axle is going to eat tyres.

We have tried fitting the manufacturers recommended ones and found that they only last six months. So after a lot of research including speaking to the tyre fitters we decided to choose a set of unbranded tyres. They conform to the required standard, our load rating is 121/120, and we are able to have two fitted for the same price as 1 Michelin Agelis Camping tyre. These are our second set and yes the last set lasted, you guessed it six months. They handle the same, wear the same and are half the price, what’s not to like.

To celebrate we decided to head for Wales. It would only be for a few days but what we found certainly made up for it. Wales is an amazing place and we will be back to explore further.


Our first night was somewhat frustrating as our intended sleepy spot (51.8684168, -3.2275403) turned out to be the other side of a width limited bridge. After a quick check to make sure via Google Street View we decided to give it a miss and headed down the A40 towards Brecon. Should have checked properly in the first place, just goes to show that even experienced boondockers don’t get it right every time.

Sitting in a lay-by we selected a couple of suitable spots and eventually landed on one that fitted the bill. Turns out it was a good choice and apart from the early evening traffic it turned out to be a very peaceful night listening to the Usk as it roared past. (51.9456651, -3.4457769). No services but there is a toilet and in the morning we discovered not one but 2 snack bars set up.

The following morning we set off heading for Aberystwyth and a sleepy spot with services at the rugby club. We found this spot via Searchforsites and it turned out to be a little gem. (53.1786594, -3.0085990)The blurb on the site provides you with a phone number which you should ring to let them know you are intending to stay. The fee, £10, is payable once the bar opens in the evening. There is no limit to your stay. The services, grey and black along with fresh water, are behind the building. You will need a standard screw connector and a decent length hose for fresh water. Town is a 10 minute walk through a pleasant park past a school and a small shopping area. Aberystwyth is the usual seaside town but with the added attraction of students!!

Note: As the Rugby Club is situated next to a school it is recommended that you don’t arrive or depart between 08:30 – 09:30 and 15:00 – 16:00 as the adjacent road gets very congested and is single track.

Aberystwyth Beach

Thursday; we set off and decided to take the coast road through Machynlleth, Dolgellau, Porthmadog, Caernarfon and into Bangor. We quickly discovered that Bangor is not Trundlebus friendly and despite our best efforts we just couldn’t find anywhere suitable to park for a wander. The drive up, thanks to the glorious sunshine, was just stunning. The scenery was just stunning, just a shame there were no lay-bys available so we could stop and take in the views. We will be back.

Our next brilliant idea was to head into Conway and take a wander around the castle. Again nowhere to rest a weary Trundlebus so we didn’t bother. Visit Wales they keep telling us, just not in a Trundlebus.


As our night halt was only half an hour down the road we decided to head there. Kimmel Services East (53.2703950, -3.5188785) has 5 dedicated Motorhome/Caravan bays next to Greggs. No services other than a Starbucks, the afore mentioned Greggs and a fuel station. It looked very cosy with limited road noise. However. After a cuppa and a cheeky sausage roll, well it would have been rude not to wouldn’t it, we decided that the dodgy looking boy racers could have the carpark to themselves and we moved off.

We were now heading back down the North Wales Expressway, A55 to you, towards Chester. Well actually Hawarden and a delightful little lay-by with splendid views of the AirBus Factory. (53.1786594, -3.0085990)

We were even treated to a Guppy landing on the runway whilst having our evening meal. Seriously weird looking craft.

Friday; we had arranged another weekend of social camping with friends to round the short but sweet trip around Wales.

Diolch i Gymru, we will be back.

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