Couriers, Sargent and Rain 1

Well this week has been more than interesting to say the least.

Last week our habitation electrics started playing up again, the rain and damp had gotten into the system despite our best efforts to keep it out.

We had intended to head north to Scotland last Sunday but with these new problems decided to head back to Lyndon Top to get the electrics sorted for once and for all. The main interface had given up the ghost and as a result we were unable to charge the batteries or run the fridge whilst driving. It’s sort of a big thing and something you definitely need fixing.

So we contacted Sargent and ordered a new part and arranged for it to be shipped to Lyndon Top. Simples, or so we thought. So we settled in for a few days and waited for it to arrive.

We received notification that our deliver had been scheduled for Wednesday between 08:34 and 09:34. Unfortunately the courier wasn’t able to find us as apparently the campsite had closed and was no longer trading. I know very odd. So after several phone calls we rearranged for the parcel to be delivered to a well know store in Corby. As it was supposed to turn up somewhere around midday we headed off in anticipation to collect. We watched the courier arrive and depart said store and waited for the authorisation to collect. We waited and waited and waited. Three hours later and again after several conversations with the couriers we discovered that they were unable to locate our parcel as it was no longer in their system. Yes they had lost it!

Trust me it gets better.

We returned to Lyndon Top and rang Sargent. Letting them know just in case they needed to raise an insurance claim for the lost item. Less than an hour later I received notification from the couriers that the parcel had been returned to the consignor, no explanation nothing but at least they had found it. Apparently it had been loaded onto the wrong vehicle. So another call to Sargent and we arranged that we would visit the factory in Beverley to collect our item directly. Should have done this in the first place.

Just as we arrived at the factory guess who pulled up behind us. Yup it was the couriers returning our parcel. You couldn’t make it up could you.

I have to thank Lee at Sargent, he has been more than helpful and understanding throughout the whole sorry saga. Thank you so very much Sargent.

Leaving Beverley we headed towards York as we had decided to take a trip up to Scotland. Somewhere around Thirsk found us stopped for lunch and fitted the new controller. It works perfectly. With the engine running we are now able to charge the batteries, run the fridge and secure the vehicle whilst moving. (The central locking enables and secures the doors)

Sweatheart Abbey

Our intended stopover was to have been Caerlaverock Castle (54.972277, -3.533328) but unfortunately the access road had been closed and so we headed to Sweetheart Abbey (54.9806740, -3.6196370) once again.

Saturday arrived and so did we back in Girvan (55.2439880, -4.8626600). The weather forecast was once again predicting a deluge so we have decided to park away from the front and take shelter behind the swimming pool with the trucks. Let’s hope the rain isn’t going to be as bad as expected.

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