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Bastille Weekend!!

After a very peaceful and relaxing couple of days at Portsall we headed along the northern coast through some very pretty countryside towards Minihy-Tréguier (48.775799 -3.24624) and an overnight stopover courtesy of Intermarche. Although the services were nicely placed in the car wash area the associated parking was non exist and we didn’t feel comfortable with the prospect of spending the night in an exposed supermarket carpark or using the service road that headed down to the delivery yard. Ah well!


So after a short search we decided to head back to Mur de Bretagne.

Monday!!: just been for a wander around town, it’s shut. Unless you want an early beer or shop at Intermarche it’s shut. The two Boulangeries in town are closed on a Monday!!

After a very peaceful night and a quick service we headed for Prélan-le-Grand and Super U. A quick nip round the supermarket and we were heading for Paimpont to settled in for a week long stopover taking in the Bastille Weekend Bretagne style!

Paimpont Aire

They have changed the payment post at Paimpont. It can’t have long been activated as when we arrived there was a local official opening and closing the barrier remotely and asking that we return to make payment. The whole aire has been revamped, much nicer now. Nicely fenced in and completely revamped.

Everything was going swimmingly or so we thought!!

Went back Thursday lunchtime to extend our stay, machine only allows maximum of 72 hour stays now, and it wasn’t working again. Wouldn’t accept the ticket we already had nor would it accept the payment card I had already used. Hopefully they will get it sorted out soon. Even with the help of several frustrated Frenchmen we were unable to get it to work. After a bit of panic realising our ticket was due to expire within half an hour, we needed said ticket to effect exit, we decided to clear off and leave the good people of Paimpont to their firework display on Saturday. Turns out Bretagne is still Royalist and doesn’t really celebrate the nations liberation day!!!, am sure the fireworks would have been spectacular.

Whilst I was striking camp Dad chose a new destination, Gouville-sur-Mer (49.0999 -1.60879 Sadly it as packed tighter than a tin of sardines. No room at the inn. So we decided to head for Cambremer to buy Cidre, (49.1494 0.04671) again no room at the inn. Next port was Lisieux (49.1413 0.234262), a theme was emerging.

An hour further up the road was La Mailleraye-sur-Seine (49.4844 0.77333) Surly we weren’t going to be turned away again!. With the evening fast approaching we thought why the heck not let’s go for it. If it was full we knew of a remote boondocking spot nearby and would try La Mailleraye again in the morning.

Thankfully there was room, with a whoop and a hurrah we checked in for 4 nights. So we will now get to see what the Bastille celebrations are like in Normandy and watch the occasional boat pass on the river.

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