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Back to the UK!

What a week it has been, and what a journey. Like many of our fellow travellers we have returned to the UK to sit it out and see what happens with this coronavirus epidemic.


Saturday we stopped at La-Mailleraye-sur-Seine (49.48436, 0.773317)

Over our evening meal we switched on the television to catch up with the news. It was then it dawned on us just how serious the situation was regarding this coronavirus situation.

After a lengthy chat we decided to head back to the UK so rebooked the crossing for Monday and headed for Saint-Omer (50.7566, 2.25976) for Sunday night, hoping we would be able to stop off at a couple of supermarkets and stock up on the essentials. We had seen on the news the panic buying back in the UK so thought we would be okay in French supermarkets.

How wrong we were. I called into Auchan in Saint Omer on Monday to find empty shelves and people pushing over ladened trolling through the checkouts.

Our crossing on Monday was slightly delayed, never did find out why, and we made it back to Blighty and decided to spend the night in Canterbury (51.261448, 1.100104) rather than struggle with the dreaded M25 during the evening rush hour.

We moved up to Lyndon Top on Tuesday to shut ourselves off from the outside world for the required quarantine period. Both of us are fine and so far are not showing any symptoms, long may that last. It’s going to be a long 14 days but at least we have a few jobs to keep us occupied and hopefully the weather will be kind.

Lyndon Top

To each and every one of our travelling friends where ever you may be please stay safe. Sending each and everyone of you a virtual hug.

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