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Our trip north to Scotland was cut short mostly due to the appalling weather and the condition of the ground especially in the highlands. There was little point just touring for the sake of it and just siting looking out of the window at what view was available as spectacular as it was wasn’t the best idea we had this year. 

Monday and we had initially parked at Clachan Durch (57.2351835, -5.4057686) on the other side of Shiel Bridge but decided that with the weather closing in on us we should retreat up to Mam Ratagan (57.2234145, -5.4639126) with spectacular views of The Five Sister range. The weather did its best to obliterate the view and rocked us to sleep. Thankfully our position was sheltered by the trees and we were spared the battering we experienced last week down in Girvan.

The following day we shifted from the west to east coast in a vain attempt to find some dry weather and headed to Stonehaven. Dads hometown. 

Parked up on the front we gently drifted to sleep listening to the sea swishing across the stones on the beach. We have parked on beaches all over Europe but nowhere is even comes close to the sounds and smells from Stonehaven. It’s comforting and evokes childhood memories for both of us. 

Stonehaven Bay

From Stonehaven we headed south to a new to us Free Aire in Hawick (55.4230190, -2.7917260) Thanks once again to Searchforsites. 

We arrived at the designated coordinates to find it was full of busses! Thankfully a friendly bus driver directed us to the opposite side of the carpark and the dedicated motorhome area. The area can accommodate up to 10 units, assuming you all park continental style, backs on to the river and is a tad on the uneven side shall we say. There are a couple of less sloping spots but you will need to shunt around to find them. Our 9m long Trundlebus just fitted in the space provided with the back end hanging over the grass verge. 

According to the searchforsites page ( there is water available but we were unable to find it, probably due to the shipping containers that had been left in the area.  The toilet block is only open from 7am to 6pm and costs the grand sum of 30p to enter. Overnight stays aren’t possible on Friday because of the Saturday market, and the first couple of weeks in June are also out because the site is used for a local fair.

Thank you so much Hawick Council for your wonderful forethought and providing this facility. It was very much appreciated and we will be back.

We left Hawick and headed for Tesco in Carlisle, we needed a few vitals and fuel for the journey south. (54.8964166, -2.8952678). It was a good job we did as the journey was full of holdups and vast amounts of traffic. We eventually landed back in Lyndon Top at 18:30 having left Hawick at 10:30. In hindsight we should have broken the journey with an overnight stop but as they say it’s a wonderful thing. 

Knackered and over tired we collapsed into a heap and didn’t take much rocking to fall asleep that night.

Lyndon Top

Trundlebus will be parked up for a week or so before we head out again, domestic and other duties are calling. 

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