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And then the rain!

This week we have been mostly spending time back at Lyndon Top riding out downpour after downpour. 

Thankfully the ground soaked up the contents of the sky admirably and allowed us to drive off without incident. We have now learnt where all the good spots are and aim for them during inclement weather. 

The fields at Lyndon Top cope admirably with what is thrown at it and recovers remarkably quickly. Yes there are a couple of patches to void but these show themselves during the rainy times and are easily avoidable. 

So if you are planning to visit the site during the autumn and winter you won’t have to worry, even if you do manage to get stuck and bogged down there is a tractor available to tow you off. All they ask is you behave responsibly and don’t spin your wheels. As soon as you start slipping stop and go ask for help. 

Sales pitch over, it truly is a great place.

We left Thursday morning and headed towards Shrewsbury, actually Upton Magna, for a weekend of social camping with friends. Again the rain did its best to dampen spirits.

All week we have been putting the new Motorhome WiFi Antenna through a proper test. I can happily report that it has performed more than admirably. Even sitting in the middle of a field we have been receiving a steady 4G signal. We have been watching YouTube video after video, uploading and downloading files, images and documents to the cloud. It has never failed, stuttered or let us down. As you can see from the speed test the unit is performing rather well.

Broadband Test
Broadband Test

Sunday has arrived and we have decided to head north to Scotland for a second time on this stage. Let’s hope this time the weather is kinder to us and we can explore north of the border properly.

Our destination should be Caerlaverock Castle (54.9722773, -3.5333276) but always we don’t plan just play it by ear. So we will let you know next week.  

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