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Welcome, so you want to know a little more about Team Trundlebus. Well thankfully you have clicked on the right page.

James aka Dad

James aka Dad

Chief Finance Officer, Navigator, Photographer, Cake Tester, Sanitation Officer, Ex Royal Air Force (Christmas Island Veteran), Mechanical Engineer (Retired)

I have been caravanning and camping for more years than I care to remember and am able to bring those years of knowledge and experience to Team Trundlebus. With my engineering background I have provided practical working solutions to the numerous problems that life on the road throws up.

Since loosing my wife to Parkinson’s seven years ago I decided that long term life on the road was for me. We were away for several months at a time and wandering around Europe in the early years but 3 years ago I decided to sell up and take life on the road to the next level. Since then we have visited 15 different countries and from afar afield as Nordkapp and Gibraltar.



Chauffeur, Translator, Blogger, Planner, Builder, Technical Support, Cook and Maintenance Droid. Ex ICT Lecturer.

I have been camping and caravanning for more years than I care to remember, thanks to my parents. After a life changing accident I decided to enjoy life and motorhoming came to my rescue. I have self built four motorhomes, Transit, LWB Ducato, LWB Sprinter and LWB Iveco Daily, it’s a vast and steep learning curve, and toured much of the UK.

Whilst stewarding a Camping and Caravanning Club Meet we met and had a long conversation with a group of American RV owners. Over that bank holiday weekend a seed was planted and the germ of an idea was born. Less than a year later we had purchased Trundlebus and started our journey of long team travelling around Europe.


At 8.7m long ( just over 9 with the cycle carrier) and weighing in at an impressive 6 tonnes (5 tonnes according to the logbook) I am a Ducato Maxi 160 Power, Alko chassid Autotrail Arapaho 2008 registered lump of loveliness. Apparently I’m a class ‘A’ PHGV, so get cheaper road fund license, and even though I have three axles still get classed as a standard camping car for toll and transportation charges.


Heavily internally modified to suit my owners life style. I trundle around carrying my owners to place far and wide to some unpronounceable places in lands far away from Nordkapp, Norwegian Arctic Circle to Gibraltar and most point in between

Although I have broken down numerous time (replacement EGR Valve and inlet manifold, wiper motor, water pump, complete braking system, and suspension) they still love me and keep rebuilding and refitting me. I am their home from home and am happy to carry them around having adventures.

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