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A week of sitting about!

This week we have been mostly sitting around doing very little other than the odd foray into domestic duties while at Lyndon Top.

It’s been amazingly relaxing taking in the September sunshine and watching the world go by.

We also took the opportunity to run a power cable from the leisure fusebox into the wardrobe for a new addition to Trundlebus. Running the cable through and under the chassis was shall we say interesting.

The current WiFi was starting to show its age and was struggling to spread a solid signal throughout the van. So after some careful research and lots of discussion we decided to upgrade and purchased a Motorhome WiFi 4G Mobile Broadband Antenna. We settled on Kit 2

The installation was probably the easiest I have ever attempted. The hole in the roof, a 25mm hole was cut!, for the antenna was very carefully selected in accordance with the detailed instructions provided by the sellers. As I had already routed the power cable the Huawei box set up was again a simple install.

Once the power had been connected and our existing SIM card inserted, yes the Huawei comes unlocked, we were up and running with a super stable 4G WiFi signal. A quick test via YouTube and a wander around, 30m from the van is about as much as it throws the signal, ensured that the MiFi actually worked.

To be honest it’s more of an connection job rather than a major install and the only difficult part is the power cable. Other than the installation the tricky part was resetting all the administrators passwords to completely secure our new network. But again once I managed to access the main server webpage it was just a case of finding the right section and changing the relevant details.

I must say that initial impressions are amazing.

Spending the weekend with friends on a campsite near Knutsford will hopefully test the new MiFi unit and give it a good shakedown.

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